Toronto Neighbourhoods

Downtown Toronto

Located in the heart of the action, city centre includes some of Toronto’s most dynamic areas.


Midtown consists of more than a dozen smaller neighbourhoods, which has just as much to offer.


Sitting central in the Greater Toronto Area, Uptown geographically is one of the smaller neighbourhoods, but still has lots to offer.

East Toronto

East of the city centre and the Don Valley Parkway, this region is verdant, green and peaceful.

East York

East York sits directly to the north of Toronto’s East End and is made up of several smaller neighbourhoods like Leaside and Thorncliffe Park.

West Toronto

Once a pleasantly sleepy community of European immigrants, the area has evolved over the past couple decades into an enclave for educated, affluent Gen X and millennials.

York Crosstown

York Crosstown is packed with old world charm. One-way streets twist and wind through the neighbourhood like snakes.

North York

Spread your sightseeing wings in this sprawling region of North Toronto, which includes everything from premium shopping and fine dining.


A west-end community known for its quiet charm, Etobicoke (the “k” is silent) packs a lot of punch into its neighbourhoods.