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Some want to live in the big city while others want to enjoy the peace and relaxation that go hand in hand with living in a quiet suburban neighborhood. 
Of course, each of those choices offer their own pros and cons, such as less traffic in the suburbs, while being right in the middle of the city will keep you only moments away from the closest store for a late-night snack. 
Well, there is in fact a place you can live out both those fantasies in the GTA: Vaughan. 
Location, Location, Location 
Ranked as the 17th largest city in Canada as per the 2016 Canadian Census on subdivisions, Vaughan puts you at the heart of the GTA while still avoiding the crowds you’ll find in a city like Toronto or Mississauga. So, not only are you able to drive to either of those places and visit family and friends easily through direct access to major highways like the 400, 401 and 407, but also use them to get to many of the region’s largest major attractions such as the CN Tower, Scotiabank Centre and Port Credit Tourist Area in about 30-40 minutes.
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Not in the mood to drive or just can’t? No problem, stick close to home and spend a day at one of Vaughan’s very own attractions like Vaughan Mills shopping centre or Canada’s Wonderland amusement park. 
With both local bus routes through York Region Transit and inter-city routes provided by the Government of Ontario (GO), Vaughan’s public transportation infrastructure makes it easy to get around the GTA as a whole regardless of your transportation situation or preferences. 
Yet, though Vaughan can and will provide the conveniences of a larger city, that doesn’t mean life in one of its more suburban communities like Kleinburg or Maple, which also offer many of the same location advantages and are similarly surrounded by many indoor/outdoor activities– would be inconvenient. 
Your lifestyle is directly affected by where you live, and Vaughan gives you the freedom to decide how. 
Market Position 
Not only that, but market statistics from TRREB for April 2021 reflect the fact that Vaughan is becoming an increasingly desirable place to live, and with 582 real estate sales conducted in the last month alone, that places it higher up on the list than more expensive cities in the area like Richmond Hill and King–the latter of which is a fair bit further from the centre of the metropolitan area than Vaughan. 
When you look at the number of sales in Vaughan for 2021 as a whole, that picture becomes even more clear as TRREB’s statistics for the city’s real estate sales this year until now (2,140) places it firmly ahead of both Markham (2,110) and Richmond Hill (1,497) as one of the hottest places to move in this current market. 
Numbers such as those have only been rising since the pandemic began, and there are no signs of that activity dropping off in the near future as Vaughan is ranked very high among GTA homebuyers.
Ongoing Development 
Moreover, with a number of major development projects currently being led by the City of Vaughan itself such as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, a walkable, pedestrian-focused downtown core with direct access to all public transportation and major highways that is well on track to reach targets of 12,000 new residential units by 2031, there is still a lot of room left for the city and its surrounding areas to grow by providing additional opportunities through urban and economic development. 
Mixed Living Opportunities 
So, while you can live in a quiet area of Vaughan like Kleingburg, that doesn’t mean you can’t still take a trip out to its bustling downtown in no time at all. And that while even if you decide to live in the heart of the city, you can still drive out to the Maple Nature Reserve for an afternoon of hiking in less than 15 minutes. 
All this is to say that Vaughan offers the perfect blend between big city and small-town living, not only within its own boundaries, but also in allowing its residents to break through arbitrary ones  which might normally apply to cities that aren’t the major focal point of their metro region due to its close proximity to the rest of the GTA and ease of access from those areas. 
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